The Lazy Person's Guide To Keeping A Home in Shoreditch Spotless

Lazy Cleaning Tricks for a Spotless Home

We all know how important it is to keep your house in Shoreditch clean in order to stay healthy, happy and hygienic. Unfortunately, not all of us have inherited the ‘clean gene’, and let’s face it, home cleaning can be a serious bore. Who really has the time to labour over their surfaces and floors with a scrubbing brush? Before you resort to giving up on your spring clean altogether and hiring professional cleaning services, try out these tips and tricks to keep your home dazzlingly clean using the minimal amount of effort.

•    Make cleaning fun –
Cleaning is a bore and one you’ll probably put off doing for as long as possible. However, if you give yourself an incentive to get motivated for your big spring clean, then believe it or not – you can actually make it fun. Put your favourite music on full blast and sing along as you clean. Turn the cleaning into an opportunity to get in your workout; tidying your house in Shoreditch, EC1 burns serious calories, so strap on a pedometer and get your endorphins pumping. Round up everyone you live with; whether it’s your roommate, your kids or mom, and start cleaning together – company can make any chore fun and fast, and cleaning is no different.

•    Get into the habit –
One way of minimising the amount of effort that goes into a big house clean is by having less work to do. Get into the habit of doing little jobs as you go along, they won’t take up much of your time but they’ll be a huge help in the long run. Keep a spray and sponge handy in the bathroom, and spray down the bath or shower and tiles as soon as you’ve had a wash. Instead of letting dirty dishes build up, make sure that you wash and put away your cutlery and crockery as soon as you’ve eaten. This will take a matter of minutes and will be a huge load off your shoulders when it comes to keeping your house clean.

•    The ten-minute rule –
You can put up with even the most boring of chores for ten minutes. Enforcing a ten-minute rule will make the cleaning process go much faster. If you set yourself a timer and try to beat the clock then you can even turn it into a fun challenge. You could use this simple rule once a day to keep your clutter down to a minimum, or you could also use it to break up a big house cleaning. Clean for ten minutes, and then treat yourself to a snack or a dance to your favourite song. For extremely lazy people, you could also dedicate the five-minute commercial breaks of your favourite TV show to getting your cleaning in your home in Shoreditch done.

•    Easy peasy lemon squeezy –
When it comes to keeping your home fresh and clean, in a hassle-free way; lemon is your best friend. One way to keep your microwave spotless is to place a cup or bowl of water with a few squeezes of lemon juice in the microwave, and heat until boiling. This will leave your microwave smelling citrus fresh and will make dirt and food particles easy to wipe away. Another great way that lemons can take the effort out of cleaning is to dab a cotton ball or sponge with a few drops of lemon juice and leave it in the fridge for several hours. This will deodorise your fridge, leaving it aromatic and fresh.

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