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There are around 1.6 million people living in South West London today. The area is an exciting and vibrant place to visit, with some amazing and historical sites to see. The Houses of Parliament and the Big Ben tour are firm favourites amongst tourist and residents alike, as is Westminster Abbey, which can also be found in the area. South West London is also the home of some of the best shopping spots in the city, which can be found in South Kensington and Belgravia. For those looking to soak up a little culture the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

The Tate Britain also calls South West London its home, and it attracts thousands of visitors every single week thanks to its exciting exhibits. If you’re looking for something a little less urban, then why not seek out the rolling green spaces of Battersea, Clapham and Putney? Hampton Court is another beautiful sight to be found in the area and can be found just across the River Thames. With such historic places to visit and such wonderful sights to see, who wouldn’t enjoy a stay in South West London?

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