Tips for Cleaning Wooden Floors!
16 December 2014
Tips for Cleaning Wooden Floors!

Many people prefer wooden floors these days as they are easier to keep clean and maintain. The truth is wooden flooring is easy to clean but depending on what kind of wood it is you may have to take special precautions with regards to what products you use.

If you have fake wooden flooring such as laminate, general cleaning solutions such as diluted bleach or disinfectant is usually ok however it is advised that you only use a damp mop (almost dry) so that you don’t wet the flooring too much because laminate flooring shouldn’t be soaked because if the water gets underneath it, it can lift and you want to avoid that. Simply dip a mop into the bucket of water and to drain out thoroughly before you start mopping.

For real wooden floors there are other advisable methods to follow, so if you have real wooden flooring at home? These handy tips may help you to get your floors looking supreme.

Start off with some happy hovering

Daily hovering is great for wooden flooring, or you may wish to sweep instead? Which you prefer is ok just as long as you remove all loose debris, dust and dirt on a daily basis. Real wood tends to gather and attract dust and overtime it settles into the grain making it increasingly difficult to remove and it does change the look and appearance of the wood making it appear dirty looking.

Skip mopping, leave that for laminates and tiles!

Real wooden flooring does not benefit much from mopping so leave that for laminates and tiles floors instead. If there is only a mop available and you want a quick fix?  Dry mops (with the tiniest bit of dampness) is ok occasionally but only use water and nothing else as certain solutions on real wood can damage it.

Wax and buff your way to success!

Real wooden floors love a bit of buffing, it helps to bring out the natural grain of the wood and it will also offer it a protective layer which is extremely important if you want to prolong the life of it. Waxing and buffing does not have to be done often (which is somewhat a relief!) because lets fact it, it can be hard work but just as long as it done at least once per year, that should be enough to protect it. After around the 12 month mark it may become noticeably visible which areas require a little attention and you may not have to do the whole floor, which is great!

Vinegar is not just for chip!

Some people swear by this method however others are undecided, some people say vinegar on hardwood floors does in fact work miracles where as others will say it makes the wood appear dull.  If you want to try this method, do it on a small area first so that you can see the outcome before you do the whole lot.

Pop the kettle on!

Yes literally, make a cuppa but do not drink it because this brew is for the wood instead! People swear by this method as they say it brings out the shine of the wood.

If all else fails should I paint it?

Some people do paint wooden floors and if they are in desperate need of a spruce up and are beyond help then use this method, but only as a last resort. Painting has its downfalls now, it’s a nightmare to remove, it’s incredibly difficult to clean and it can be slippery when it gets wet so be aware.

Wood stain!

After a good old buff and coat of wood stain looks lovely on wooden floors, make sure that you use a shade close to the natural shade of the wood so that it looks as natural as possible.

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