The Student Guide To Post Party Cleaning in Knightsbridge
08 January 2014
The Student Guide To Post Party Cleaning in Knightsbridge

After every good night comes a hectic morning of cleaning and headaches. As with any good party in Knightsbridge, you can expect to find a number of very random things in very random places. If you were well planned before hand, you would have put away any breakable or valuable items so they didn’t end up thrown out the window or at a wall (even hidden the eggs so your neighbours didn’t have a valid reason to hate you). Dependant on whether you live at home with your parents or are at university with your friends depends on how thoroughly you need to clean up. If you live with your parents and they don’t know you had a people over, then you should probably aim for nothing short of perfection. Check every little detail because their eye for something wrong is impeccable. If you’re renting your own home with friends, then the standard to which you clean is completely up to all of you and no that doesn’t mean leave everything for a week because you can all deal with the mess. So with that all said it’s time to get out of bed, grab a coffee and get started.

1.    Air the place out. It’s probably going to smell like a mixture of alcohol, sweat and if you’re really unlucky, vomit too. Before you do anything, you should probably open some windows and get the fresh air flowing in your home in Knightsbridge, SW7 to make the job just that little more bearable.

2.    Check outside. There’s more than likely going to be a lot of things lying around outside. You should bring in any bottles, can or glasses (and anything else that’s gone missing from your room) and put them back in their place. Sweep any debris and dispose of it accordingly. Any fluid on the floor can be washed away with water…and yes there will almost definitely be some sort of fluid all over your garden. Just out of respect, you should also check your neighbours gardens in case your guests thought it would be a good idea to dispose of all their rubbish in front of their door or found the eggs and got a genius idea.

3.    Collect any bottles and cans. Get a big bag for these because they all need to go in the recycle bin n your place in the SW3 district. They are going to be everywhere after the party and you need to find them all, kind of like an Easter egg hunt but without the chocolate and not enjoyable in the slightest.

4.    Clear up any glasses. Any remains in the glasses should be tipped down the sink before you start to wash them. If you have a dishwasher then you can just put all of the glasses in there, otherwise collect them all up into the washing area and then wash them by hand. Any broken glass should be swept up and disposed of responsibly. Once swept up, you should hoover the area to ensure you didn’t miss any of the smaller pieces.

5.    Deal with any spillages. Mop any spillages and if there are any stains, deal with them as soon as you see them so they don’t become permanent.

It’s going to be a big job and it’s going to seem even bigger when you too are hung over but unfortunately it needs to be done sooner rather than later. Make sure everyone you live in the property in Knightsbridge with helps out too. They’re going to hate you for a few hours for waking them up but it’s so much better than doing it all on your own and once you’re back to your usual state, a cleaner house will make you feel much better than a huge mess.

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