Office Cleaning Tips to Use in Bromley
24 October 2014
Office Cleaning Tips to Use in Bromley

Cleanliness is next to godliness…and not to mention a productive and positive work environment. A clean and orderly office area in Bromley will contribute to a healthier and happier work force and task efficiency. Whether it is a corporate office or one at the home, these helpful tips will assist you in keeping a clean work space.

Firstly, setting up organisation systems will help the cleaning process run much more smoothly in your office in Bromley, BR1. Looking down at the keyboard of your computer or other electronic appliances, if you notice food spills or dirt build up, clean it as you go. Some small wipes kept in the top drawer of your desk will make this process easy.

Rather than letting paper cause chaos over the desk, set up trays with labels for different files to be placed in. Don’t’ let your desk become a place where things get dumped and scattered. If it already is, you can de-clutter by ensuring that only professional and necessary documents are stored on your desk, and organised using document wallets, trays, containers and stationary holders.

Assign a place for everything on your desk and label its place accordingly. It only takes doing something 20 times repeatedly to form a habit. You likely pick up your pen this many times a day, so within a day of placing a pen back in its assigned place, a habit will be formed. Quickly this will become commonplace for all your desk items and cleanliness will be the best habit you’ve ever developed.

Eating and Drinking Habits
If you are one for eating in your office workspace, this doesn’t have to be an issue. It really can be as simple as sweeping crumbs into the bin as they fall. If eating at your desk is really your chosen place for lunch, store a place mat in your top drawer and pull it out each time you eat. This will catch the crumbs which can then easily be transferred to the bin.

You may need multiple cups of caffeine throughout the day, but realistically you only need one coffee cup. After each cup of coffee, take your mug back to the tea room and wash it out. Then re-fill it with another cup if needed. This will actively prevent a breeding ground of coffee cups building up on your desk. Similarly, if you enjoy a take away coffee, then enjoy the beverage and put the empty cup in the bin. Simple, but ever so effective at maintaining a clean desk.

General tidiness
If you work in an office in Bromley, then you are used to working in a team for high quality results. The same method and productivity can be applied to keeping the general workspace tidy. Focus on the following areas and encourage your work mates to do their share as well:

-    Place loose rubbish in the bin if you see it, and take out the garbage when it is full
-    Don’t leave odorous fruit or vegetables in the fridge longer than they need to be, and conduct regular cleanouts when getting the milk or butter out of the fridge
-    Clean the bench in the tea room after use
-    Check appliances in the tea room and shared office space for dust, and clean if there is a build up
-    When using the rest room, clean excess soap off the sink interior and pick up paper towel if dropped

Don’t fall victim to the blame game when it comes to office cleanliness – it is up to cleaning staff and employers to work together to create a positive and clean work environment.

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