How To Give Your Rugs in Mayfair A Deep And Thorough Clean
21 November 2014
How To Give Your Rugs in Mayfair A Deep And Thorough Clean

A rug can be a fantastic addition to your home in Mayfair, often beautifully designed and highly expensive and delicate depending on its origin. However depending on where in the house you put your rug, they often gather dust and dirt and may pick up stains which could drastically reduce the quality of your rug and can in some situations, give it a faded and worn out look.  To prevent this from happening, it’s a good idea to  give your rugs a regular clean, however, cleaning involves much more than just running a brush over it a couple of times a month. Often extremely delicate, you would want to do your best to ensure that your preserve its unique craftsmanship and therefore protect your investment. This can be done, using the proper techniques and spending a little bit of time to ensure that your rugs and carpets are maintained and properly taken care of.

•    Before you begin to clean the front of your rug, it is a good idea to take it outside and beat the back of it with a  beater bar brush attachment, or something that will do a similar job. This will help to shake off any dust and dirt on the surface and can help to loosen dirt from deep within the fibres.

•    Take a look in any home cleaning shop in Mayfair, W1 and you will find a variety of different nozzles for hoovers, detergents and carpet cleaners and brushes for everyday use to get your house clean. The best piece of equipment that you could possibly buy for your rugs is a rotating brush. Although you might think of this as unnecessary and an inconvenience, a rotating brush will help to displace any dust and dirt from deep within the fibres, making it easier to clean when it comes to vacuuming.

•    If your rug has any fringes and tassels, it is best to leave them, as these don’t need to be cleaned at all. Tassels can be extremely delicate and don’t really attract much dirt anyway, so just run your fingers through them a few times and that should suffice. When vacuuming, be sure not to vacuum the tassels; as previously said, they are very delicate and if your hoover has a lot of suction power, a few strands could easily rip off. So it’s best to tuck them away under the carpet so as to ensure they don’t succumb to any damage.

•    Be aware of any commercial cleaning equipment. Most well known brands claim that they can clean a variety of different surfaces, but be sure that you buy one that is specifically  for rugs and carpets. Stain removers, sprays and other cleaners may actually do more harm than good. Make sure you read the instructions very carefully, otherwise sprays could leave residue on your rug, rub dirt further into the rug and spread it out and can even discolour the carpet or rug you have in your home in Mayfair. After reading and research, if you’re still not sure whether or not you should be using a spray or stain remover, then don’t take the risk, and its best to seek out the help of professional cleaners.

•    If your rug is highly expensive and unique, it may be a good idea, if you can, to ask the shop that you brought it from what advice they would give you in terms of rug and carpet cleaning, because after all, they are the experts and are likely to know best.

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