How To Get Your Windows in Acton Sparklingly Clean
27 June 2014
How To Get Your Windows in Acton Sparklingly Clean

The windows in your home can get pretty dirty and grimy, which can make your home in Acton appear older and unclean. Although you might get the outside of your windows cleaned regularly by a professional window cleaner, the inside of your windows might get ignored which can leave them streaky, dirty and messy-looking! If you want incredibly clean and sparkling windows then here are some fantastic tips to help you get the windows inside your home looking exactly how they deserve to, without you putting in too much time or effort!

1)    Before you start make sure you have the right supplies.
You’re going to need the right cleaning tools and products if you want to get fantastically clean windows in Acton, W3. Get a window cleaning product that you’ve used before, a sponge, some clean cloths and a bucket. You’re also going to need plenty of warm water too, so make sure you’re easily able to fill your bucket whenever you might need to!

2)    Make your window cleaning mix.
Lots of people will just spray their window cleaning product onto their window and give it a rub, but that’s absolutely something that you mustn’t do! Instead, mix some of your cleaning agent with warm water in the bucket you have. Don’t put too much product in – you should only need to use a small amount!

3)    Avoid making a mess.
Cleaning windows can be very messy, so make sure you take the proper steps to avoid creating more work for yourself! Spread a towel on the floor or underneath your window frames so that any excess water has somewhere to go. This is also a much safer way to clean windows as you won’t risk slipping on a puddle of water!

4)    Clean your frames.
You’re now ready to start cleaning, but you don’t need to tackle the glass yet! Instead clean the frames of your windows with a clean cloth or damp sponge. You might want to use an antibacterial spray to do this if your window frames are particularly unclean.

5)    Cleaning the glass.
It can be difficult to clean glass without leaving streaky marks. Instead of just wiping with your water and cleaning agent, start on the uppermost left side of your windows and gently buff using an “S” motion with your hands. Your sponge should be clean and damp, but not soaking wet! You don’t want to have excess water dripping all down the glass so make sure you’re regularly squeezing water from your sponge.

6)    Using a window wiper.
 You might also want to use a window wiper for thoroughly clean and streak-free windows in your home in the W3 area. Window wipers are quick and easy to use, and can make your windows look better than you’ve ever seen them before! If you own a wiper, again start cleaning your windows at the top and work your way down. Remember to wipe excess water and dry off your window wiper after every stroke to avoid nasty streaks.

7)    Finishing off.
Once you’re done with that your windows in Acton should be looking crystal clear and sparklingly clean. You should now dry off the window frames and get rid of any excess water or cleaning agent. Use a dry and clean cloth to blot away water and gently buff at your window frames to leave them clean and dry.

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