How To Clean The Office In Streatham Before You Leave
04 February 2014
How To Clean The Office In Streatham Before You Leave

Whether you are a tenant moving out, a landlord leasing a property or a current occupier of the office, cleaning the property is extremely important and needs to be done in order to maintain its current appeal as well as for hygiene and health related matters to.

If you are currently using a commercial property in Streatham for your day to day business it has to be kept clean for the health and safety of your employees. At the very start of a new business you may wish to take on this task alone, to reduce costs, however I’m sure most would agree that by doing so is not exactly appropriate in the long run, because who really wants to spend overtime cleaning the office after a hard day’s work? And let’s not forget that this overtime is free labour at your expense! Not great really is it? Although it may save the pennies, is it really worth the hard graft?

Office cleaning alone, although doable, is not exactly the best procedure because no doubt after a hard stressful day at work, you heart is less likely to be in the task ahead! This can then lead to cutting corners and basically doing a bodged attempt at cleaning because no doubt you’re probably tired and you just want to get the hell out of there. Unfortunately this causes further problems and you set yourself up for disaster from the off because a bodged attempt at cleaning escalates the current state of the property in Streatham, SW16 and over time it ends up getting worse - and the job gets harder- and your desire to do the cleaning vastly diminishes, therefore you could end up fighting a losing battle so once you can afford to do so, hiring the help of professional cleaning services is the way to go!

There are many aspects involved when it comes to cleaning an office, many that you may have never even though about and using the expert help is ideal for current occupiers as well as landlords wanting to spruce up the place after a tenant has moved out.

Let’s uncover those particular areas of importance when it comes to cleaning the office to maintain a pleasant environment within.

Unlike your windows at home, office windows are often huge and if we are considering office blocks here there’s absolutely no way you could possibly manage to get the outside top floor windows cleaned, and I doubt many would feel brave enough to even try! As many people are probably aware window cleaning is rather difficult really, and no matter how hard we try, we never seem to manage the result that a window cleaner offers.  It’s extremely important to have the office windows looking nice and sparkly though as it looks good for the business and any visiting clients.

Carpets and floors!
Most office carpets and floors are at risk of damage, most certainly coffee stains and lunch extracts. Over time this accumulates and you can’t expect the staff to eat and drink outside but what you could do is keep on top this by enlisting professional carpet cleaners once in a while to give them a bit of a facelift, it’s amazing at how well the correct equipment and correct handlers can achieve such pristine results. For landlords wishing to spruce up the place after tenants move out, it could save an absolute fortune by not having to replace those floors instead.

Sterile is vitally important!
I’m sure you would agree that germs spread like wildfire around your office in Streatham; you often find that when one gets a cold, it’s not long before it reaches many more and it’s even worse when there is a sickness bug doing the rounds. For the health and safety of staff, keeping the pace sterile is vital. Everything from desks to toilets should be cleaned at least once a day to ensure that the office maintains an environmentally friendly place of work and unless you are prepared to don the marigolds and get scrubbing, at the end of your shift, it may go in your favour to hire the cleaners to come in a do this for you. Cleaning agencies also come prepared with specialised cleaning products for this purpose, so there is another great saving you can make!

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