Deep Cleaning Homes In Belsize Park At The End Of A Tenancy
13 March 2014
Deep Cleaning Homes In Belsize Park At The End Of A Tenancy

What should I do?

At the end of a tenancy you should always ensure that you have given the property in Belsize Park you were renting a deep and thorough clean, so that the deposit you paid at the start is refunded in full. Although many landlords will allow for general wear and tear, oftentimes things such as stained flooring, holes in walls and other general occurrences are expected to be repaired or replaced by the tenant, prior to vacating the accommodation.

If in doubt, ask!

If you are unsure about what the tenancy requirements are for moving out you should either refer to your tenancy agreement and or ask the landlord. It’s better to be safe than sorry, the aim is to comply with the agreement to ensure a return on your deposit but not to do a landlord's job and end up paying for more work than you should, for the work.

The different types of tenancy agreements!

Every agreement differs because some people rent unfurnished properties and others rent fully furnished in Belsize Park, NW3; usually those that rent fully furnished properties are the ones who have a little more work to do. Depending on what the condition of those rented items are, at the end of a tenancy, you may have to think about upholstery cleaning, as well as cleaning appliances and furnishings and if anything is broken it may have to be replaced.

If you are renting of a council or housing association they are generally more lenient when it comes to the tenant’s requirements whereas a private landlord could expect you to do more but every landlord is different, so it’s always worth asking if you are not sure.

Deep cleaning, where to begin!

Some people will manage this task alone whereas others, who are perhaps struggling to find time to do will enlist the help of a professional cleaning agency instead. It’s totally your decision how you decide to go about it but it the accommodation is desperate need of a deep and thorough clean, hiring in the help of cleaning agents could be your easiest option.

Newer homes in Belsize Park may not need to be thoroughly cleaned, especially if they have been well maintained and not lived in for very long. However newer homes tend so show more noticeable signs of being ‘lived in’, since it were all brand spanking new at the start and landlords may expect its original condition to be the same when you leave. It will take a personal judgement to decide what work needs to be done and who is best to do the job.

Before you get stuck in, follow this simple guide to help you along the way:

-    Kitchens and bathrooms tend to be the rooms that need the most attention. A steam cleaner is great for shifting mildew, grease and residue from tiles, taps and cupboards.

-    Pay attention to skirting boards, they gather dust and dirt but a simple soapy sponge will usually do the trick.

-    Use an oven cleaner and allow it to soak through to remove grease, and then simply wash away the access for a sparkling new shiny appearance.

-    Hoover away cobwebs and dust, clean out storage cupboards and wipe down all surfaces around the home.

-    Remove stains from carpets and flooring and furniture. If the stains are pretty bad you could try hiring professional upholstery cleaners to attend to this.

-    Once all pictures, shelving and any other wall hangings are removed, be sure to fill in any large noticeable holes with simple ready mix filler, and smooth over.

-    If a wall is particularly dirty, you may be required to give it a quick coat of paint. Ask your landlord if you are unsure.

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