A Guide to Spring Cleaning in Maida Vale
29 April 2015
A Guide to Spring Cleaning in Maida Vale

Spring cleaning is the practice of thorough house cleaning in the springtime. This yearly act of cleaning your house in Maida Vale from top to bottom usually takes place in the first warm days of the year. With winter season gone, spring means wonderful time for most people but a dreaded endeavour for those who have to do their cleaning during this time of the year.

The expectation of getting rid of six months’ pile of old newspapers and the dust that has been gathered is quite unappealing. Don’t hesitate to ask your family to help you; alternatively you can seek help from professional cleaners in the W9 area. Cleaning agencies can help reduce any stress typically associated with the task.
Spring cleaning includes oven cleaning, upholstery cleaning and getting rid of all that dust hanging around dark places.

•    Some essentials
Remove contents from kitchen units and cupboards and clean the insides well. Clean the wardrobes thoroughly. Don’t forget to clean the wardrobes with a disinfectant spray before you place the clothes back in them. Dust and wash all surfaces including the doors, windows and walls in your home in Maida Vale, W2. Make sure that you always dust the room and then vacuum or mop. This ensures that the vacuum cleaner will pick up any dirt or dust that falls to the ground as you're dusting. Use a moist microfiber cloth to clean surfaces and avoid leaving streaks on the surfaces. A brush comes handy not only to clean the gaps in bathroom tiles but also to get rid of any pet hair from carpets.
If you find pet hair on your upholstery, a rubber glove or damp microfiber cloth will easily remove it. Don’t neglect the kitchen, deep clean the oven and hob area.

•    How professional services can help you
Professionals are thoroughly trained and come home geared with all the necessary chemicals, materials and equipment needed to perform quality one off cleaning services. Available on request in the W9 region are also window cleaning, house, waste and garden tidy up and other similar services. They can also help you get rid of your rubbish.
Cleaners are usually well trained and sensitive to the importance of cleaning the house after the long winter. For this reason, every possible cleaning service is taken care of, including carpet cleaning and bathroom cleaning.

•    Benefits of spring house cleaning
For some people in Maida Vale, keeping their house clean is not too tedious a task, and so they do not have regular domestic cleaning services while some others cannot devote enough time to the job. Whatever be the case, deep cleaning during spring is a necessity to keep the premises safe and healthy for the entire family. It is really important that at least once a year, a home is thoroughly cleaned especially if there are children and pets.

Spring cleaning is not mainly a chore after winter, but it is also important before celebrations and after gatherings as well. Hosting a big event and expecting a lot of guest makes you aware that cleaning contractors are exactly what you need to make your home look tidy and nice in just a few hours. They said that little things mean a lot and you could say the same in providing your house this respite after winter.

A house is always a home when it is thoroughly tidied up. For no matter how often you struggle to keep it clean and tidy, the grime will always build up in so many unimaginable places and threaten your home’s beauty and the family health. The solution is clear: either spend hours and days to do it yourself or hire a professional cleaning company to do it for you.

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