Top Tips for Exploring London on a Shoestring Budget
25 September 2015
Top Tips for Exploring London on a Shoestring Budget

If you are worried that spending time in London might be too taxing for you budget, you have to consider a few tips and tricks to reduce the cost of your vacation here. There are many ways in which you can make the most of your visit and save money at the same time, if limited budget is what you have to work with. Knowing these secrets will enable you to explore the city in full and not skip an interesting sight due to lack of money.

London is a city that can be enjoyed by any visitor, even if they don’t have a lot to spend. Do not let a small budget ruin your vacation to this interesting location. Instead, consider some of the following tips, as the alternatives and extra options they offer are often time better than the pricey attractions everyone is after.

- Acquire a Visitor Oyster Card - by far the best way Exploring Londonto save money from travelling is to get an Oyster Card. Thanks to this travel smartcard, you can enjoy the fantastic public transport for 50% of the price of regular tickets or one-day Travelcards. The best part is that you can order an Oyster Card before you arrive so you don’t have to worry about how you will pay to get from your clean house or hotel room to any location.

- Be prepared to go on foot - while it is true that London is a huge city and you will most certainly need transport to get from one end to the other, you can still consider taking some distance on foot. That way you don’t have to spend any money on transport or worry about traffic jams, which are a problem in here, just like any other big city. As an added bonus, Free London Attractionsyou will be able to soak the spirit of London and possibly come across some interesting sights, which you would otherwise miss.

- Familiarise yourself with free attractions - there is quite a lot of them around! Many landmarks and attractions can be visited free of charge. There is a place for everyone, and visitors can enjoy top museums and art galleries like National Gallery, Tate Modern, British Museum and Tate Britain without spending a penny. There are also spectacles like changing the guard, which cost nothing.

- Get a London Pass - thanks to the London Pass, Explore London on a Budgetwhich you buy in advance, you can get in top-attractions, such as Westminster Abbey, Tower of London and the River Cruise on the Thames for free and often times with a fast-track entry. It is a worthy deal.

- Take advantage of happy hours - if you are Touring London on a Budgetworried that your night-out might be a bit more expensive than you can afford, you should keep track of pub happy hours. There are many promotions and ‘buy-one-get-two’ deals that allow you to have fun time without breaking the bank.

- Visit some small shows - while it is true that some of the music London Musicgigs and reputable theatre productions can cost you a lot, there is great variety for small shows in London. Live music, cabaret scenes and comedy thrive in the capital of UK and you can find a large number of interesting shows for affordable prices.

- Budget-friendly shopping - both high-end shoppers Visiting London on a Budgetand those working on a tight budget find London a shopping paradise. There are many high street stores that offer discounts. Vintage emporiums present yet another great option for cheap originals.

A visit to London doesn’t necessarily need to cost you the world. Consider these tips to save some money and experience London to its fullest.

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