How to Keep a Home with Children in Canary Wharf Clean
19 December 2013
How to Keep a Home with Children in Canary Wharf Clean

Children are blessings that make our life worth living. You may work hard every day, just so you can earn money to give your children what they want. This will be from the essentials such as food and clothes, to special treats and presents. You want the best for your child so you will do everything in your power to ensure that they get this. The best for a child will also include a clean home and you will definitely have to work long to create this. When you have younger children in Canary Wharf, this becomes more of a challenge because they will often throw food around, scatter toys everywhere and more. Children can be tough to raise as it is, but when managing the cleanliness of your home at the time, it can seem impossible to do both. If you want to know the best way of cleaning while caring for your children, read on for some invaluable guidance and tips.

The most important thing to tackling mess is being prepared. You never know when your child will spill food or drink, or cause other mess in your home in Canary Wharf, E14 , so you should be ready for everything. This can be as simple stocking up on paper towels. Having these in supply and easy to reach means you can tackle any spill before it becomes a stain. You should also stock up on baking soda because this can be used to tackle stubborn dirt and vinegar can be used to banish smells. Avoid buying chemical detergents, because while they are effective, they can be dangerous for the child.

The second most important spec of cleaning is to act immediately. When something hits the floor wipe it up with a sheet or dab it until it is dry. If there is any mark left, scrub away with a wet cloth until it disappears. Vacuum or sweep up crumbs, especially if they have opened a packet and got food everywhere. Clean up their toys as you go along, so that is doesn’t become too much to manage once everything is out and scattered all over the floors. If you tackle any mess as soon as it occurs it will make it easier to clean and stop the clutter from becoming too much to handle and prevent stains from becoming stubborn.

If you have older children then you should try to get them involved with cleaning. Reward and praise them for cleaning up their own mess and keeping their room tidy. Persuade them to put things away once they have finished with them and wipe up stains and crumbs. Doing all this will not only keep your home cleaner and tidy, it will cut down on the work you have to do and instil a sense of responsibility to your child.

Odours can crop up in many places and in many ways in your home in Canary Wharf, especially if you have children. Whether it’s a baby soiling him or herself, food drying up, and with older kids, unwashed clothes and shoes being left around, and smells will be common. For rooms that whiff, consider placing white vinegar into a bowl overnight and the next day the smells will have vanished. Incense, scented candles and air fresheners may mask the smell but are not recommended, especially with younger children present. For smelly objects, you can wash them toughly and if that does not work, leave them outside overnight when it is dry and most of the musk will have gone.

Children can be messy but if you bear all this in mind then you can keep your home in the E14 area clean, no matter what mess they make.

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