Five Ways in which to Make your Home Clean in Wandsworth a Cheaper and Greener Process
15 October 2013
Five Ways in which to Make your Home Clean in Wandsworth a Cheaper and Greener Process

We all know that the way things are going at the moment, there are certain things that need addressing in the world. The economy of pretty much every country is in trouble, and the ecological aspect of human impact on the planet is in a dire situation. For this reason, we should look at the ways in which we live our lives for the answers as to how to carry on in a sustainable and forward thinking way. One of the ways to reduce your negative impact on the world is to have a look at parts of your life in Wandsworth that you may not have considered as being an issue before. We all know that driving cars and contributing to landfill dump sites is bad for the planet, but what about the less obvious areas?

The chemicals that are used in regular household cleaning are very harmful, both to us as people, as well as the eco systems that we flush them into. The water system is not water tight, so any chemicals rinsed away in sinks and toilets can and will find their way to rivers and streams through the water cycle. The success of these eco systems that rely on the water cycle usually tips on a balance of natural chemicals in the water, and upsetting these things can cause death and destruction on a large scale for whole food chains surrounding the contaminated area. So what can we do? Well, let’s have a look at some tips for cleaning your house without harming your environment, as well as saving a bit of cash in the process.

First off, look at all of the cleaning products that you have in your home in Wandsworth, SW18. There will likely be a few with ‘harmful’ or ‘caution’ written on the back. If you have these, dispose of them safely, through a toxic waste disposal program, as otherwise they will still be washed into nature via the plughole or the waste bin. When it comes to replacing these harmful cleaners, you should look into materials that are great for the environment. There are various products out there that are designed to meet this need, and they are all successful in reducing your harmful impact, but what about the packaging? Most chemical compounds need to come in safe containers, which are usually plastic. If you do decide to go for one of these cleaning products then make sure that you look into the sustainability of the plastics that the company uses, and be prepared to recycle them yourself.

Better than eco-friendly cleaning products are nature’s own cleaning products. Things like lemon and vinegar are great natural cleaners and disinfectants because of their high acidity, and when mixed with a safe compound like baking soda, they can become extremely successful around the home. You will not find a job in the house that you would have used a harmful product on that you cannot tackle with a natural cleaner made from these three core ingredients. Grime in the kitchen? Just spray vinegar and water and wipe away. Soap scum in the bathroom? Lemon and baking soda left on the mark for a couple of minutes, and it should scrub off pretty easily. There are so many ways in which to untilize these wonderful natural cleaners in your home in Wandsworth that I cannot fit them all on here, so have a further look in to how you can half your cleaning costs as well as helping the environment by using them.

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