Domestic Cleaning Guide to Use in Lambeth
01 May 2014
Domestic Cleaning Guide to Use in Lambeth

There are a lot of misconceptions about domestic cleaning, Fox London Domestic Cleaners and cleaning services in general. This guide should put right any misunderstandings and mistaken beliefs you may have about house cleaning in Lambeth.

For a start, it’s a myth that you should get in touch with professional cleaning contractors purely in order to make your house in Lambeth, SE1 look clean. Homes might be sanctuaries away from the outside world, but they’re not hermetic havens – they can and do attract bacteria, polluted air, microbes and fungus. This can not only damage your home, but pose a significant health risk! Every time you step back into your home from the outside world, you carry potentially harmful yet invisible hazards with you. The best home cleaners don’t just make surfaces and rooms look pristine – they will understand that the most damaging blights in your home are often the things you cannot see. They will come with the expertise and the right equipment to deliver you the finest domestic clean service they can. Only a professional cleaner can truly tackle the unseen blights in your home, so we recommend hiring such a cleaning agency at reasonably regular intervals throughout the year. We recommend you undertake this responsibility with even greater frequency if you suffer from asthma, hay fever or particular allergies.

Another misconception is that domestic cleaning will cost you an arm and a leg. Nothing could be further from the truth, thankfully! The greatest cleaning firms understand innately that the world is not made of money – and that they couldn’t stay in business if they priced potential cleaning customers and people in need of expert cleaning services out of the market. We prefer cleaning providers who don’t deal in fixed rates for their services, too – after all, there is no one-size-fits-all cleaning strategy which caters to the needs of everyone. Every customer’s needs and means are different – a good cleaning service understands this, and will structure the package they offer you accordingly. However, equally, look out for companies that are quoting you what sounds like far too low a figure. Remember, if you want the best, you’ll need to be prepared to pay slightly more than the lowest bid. Chances are, domestic cleaning agencies offering knockdown prices in the SW11 area won’t be able to deliver you the care and professionalism you desire – or may be artificially lowering their rates in a shady manner, only to give you an unexpectedly massive bill when they’re done!

A similar mistake people make is thinking that Fox London Domestic Cleaners can’t (or, shouldn’t) give quotes over the telephone. We’re not sure where this belief stems from, but boy is it misinformed! Any cleaner worthy of the name should be able to draw up  both a cost estimate and a provisional cleaning strategy, based on an outline sketched by you via telephone. In fact, be suspicious if they say they can’t! Another error people make is assuming that you have to pay for cleaning quotes in Lambeth. Whilst some of the meaner (and, alas, disreputable) domestic clean service firms might charge for a costing projection, the best cleaning contractors in your area will be happy to provide you with a free cleaning quote. They do this to make the process of deciding which company to contract that bit easier for you! Why not call a few companies and ask for a quote – the ones that don’t or can’t provide you with one over the phone can be removed from your shortlist! Research Fox London Domestic Cleaners thoroughly before you even think of hiring one – it’s that simple!

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