Bathroom Cleanliness: A Brief Guide For Homeowners In Westminster
28 November 2013
Bathroom Cleanliness: A Brief Guide For Homeowners In Westminster

Alongside our kitchen, the bathroom is a real workhorse of a room within your home in Westminster. Toilets, sinks, showers and baths all undergo regular usage and this can lead to quick build-up of mould, grime and general unpleasantness. Cleaning the bathroom is often a dreaded task, seen as dirty and undesirable, especially if it hasn’t been done for a while! But there are tricks to make it easier on yourself, and building a routine will really help you to keep on top of things and make sure you can see yourself in the mirror each and every day:

1.    Don’t wait until it needs cleaning to clean.
Like your kitchen, a minute or so every day can really help you to maintain cleanliness in your bathroom in Westminster, W1. Fold the towels, wipe over any surfaces briefly after you have used them and pay some attention to the tiles in the shower, just giving them a quick sponge down to prevent any water marks forming and general dirt building up. Perhaps put some cleaner down the toilet, and within 30 seconds you have brought the cleanliness levels up a notch.

2.    Minimise the clutter.
If you can no longer see your windowsill for bottles of shampoo or beauty products, then find another storage option. The same goes for the sink and on top of the toilet – if your bathroom surfaces are full then you are much less likely to clean them, and worse still, they create the perfect place for moisture and dust to gather and grow. Having bathroom storage will make the rest of the room easier to clean on a regular basis and make it look a lot tidier.

3.    Have the right tools on hand when you need them
You don’t need much – toilet cleaner and a disinfectant surface cleaner, a couple of sponges or cloths and a toilet brush. But just make sure they are in easy reach within the room so that when you spot something you can do something about it. If there are marks on the sink you aren’t going to clean them if everything you need to do it is in the kitchen downstairs and you have just go out of the shower. If that very cloth is under the sink instead then problem solved.

4.    Make sure air circulates
Moisture build up quickly leads to mildew and mould growth in our bathrooms in the SW1 region. We have all emerged from the shower to find a room filled with steam and every single wall or surface damp to the touch. But where does all that moisture go? If left it will tend to promote bacteria growth, so to get around this make sure your extractor fan (if you have one) is running while you bathe or shower and once you are finished in the bathroom you open a window and leave the door open for half an hour or so. This allows air to circulate and much of the moisture will evaporate.  

5.    Keep toothbrushes separate
If you usually just chuck your toothbrush on the sink once you are finished with it, think again. Our toothbrushes tend to gather a lot of bacteria, and are also susceptible to picking a fair bit up from other surfaces as well. So when someone else is washing their hands in your home in Westminster, do you really want the water splashes going all over the item you use to clean your teeth each and every day? Try to keep them in a separate glass or holder and keep each one a small distance apart – if your child has any form of bug a toothbrush is a quick way for it to reach you!

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